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Ceva Energetic Isotonic Drench 250g


Ceva Energetic Isotonic Drench is formulated with a balanced electrolyte and recovery formula to optimize energy supply and recovery. This product is packed with Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Sucrose, Calcium, Phosphourus, Maltodextrin, Triglycerides, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Antioxidants (Betacarotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C), and B Vitamins. Hence, it provides balanced electrolytes, highly bioavailable energy supplements, and antioxidants to assist with recovery after hard racing or strenuous exertion. It's the ideal pre-event energy source, and post-event, or recovery drench. Plus, Ceva Energetic Isotonic Drench is economical and ideal for use with traveling horses or those in very hot environments.

Ceva Energetic Isotonic Drench Oral Powder is formulated to provide the essential balanced electrolytes to maintain optimum body fluid composition and prevent dehydration. It also provides the readily available energy sources glucose & medium-chain triglycerides; the biological antioxidants Vitamins C and beta carotene; and replace essential branch chain amino acids which are depleted from muscles during severe exertion. These nutrients assist with energy availability during a race and aid in the recovery process after hard racing and training.

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