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9 Top Tips To Survive The Summer
January 11, 2022

9 Top Tips To Survive The Summer

Dogs don’t sweat through their skin to cool down like humans do. Instead, they pant to cool themselves down. You can help your dog cool down by wetting their feet or misting their face with water.

Dog Anxious
December 12, 2021

Storm Phobia in Dogs

It isn’t known exactly what it is about storms that terrifies some dogs. It may be a combination of the loud noises of thunder, the flashing lightning, wild winds, torrential rain or even the change in barometric pressure that turns a normally happy dog into an anxious mess.

Dog Holding Bone Toy
December 03, 2021

Are Bones Safe for Your Dog?

The following health problems can be associated with dogs eating bones. These complications can occur in dogs after eating both cooked and raw bones.

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