Pet Prescription Medication

That is why I developed PetScripts, to provide Australian pet owners with quality pet medications at affordable prices. At PetScripts you have the reliability and trust of an independent Dispensing Pharmacists and a qualified team.

If you need pet prescription products then visit our sister site, PetScripts. Below, I have provided a few commonly searched prescription products now available at PetScripts.

Dr Mark Perissinotto
BVSc | CEO at PetScripts

Commonly Searched Prescription Products

  1. Apoquel 100 Tablets
    Price: from $243.57
  2. Carprofen Tablets
    Price: from $0.83
  3. Rimadyl Chewables
    Price: from $0.89
  4. Vetmedin
    Price: from $41.40
  5. Neocort Cream
    Neocort Cream
    Price: from $20.21
  6. Meloxicam
    Price: from $13.50
  7. Insulin
    Price: from $77.00
  8. Fortekor
    Price: from $41.12


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